This is becoming the number one priority for

payments at point of sale

Keeping your Point Of Sale Secure

Making sure your point of sale area is secure for customer's transaction data and the payment machine itself, is vital to all retailers. It's an even higher priority as criminals zero in on electronic transactions in the real world and security standards increase to keep pace.

It’s a battle on the virtual and the physical front but making sure your Pin Entry Devices (PED’s) are secure against physical theft and interference goes a long way towards securing both your investment in the machines and your customer’s data.

From June 2015 it is a requirement for all retailers taking payment at point of sale to:

“Protect devices that capture payment card data via direct physical interaction with the card from tampering and substitution.”

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, v3.2

Securing your PED's

Did you know thieves target payment machines as well as store IT networks, servers and financial data? The machines themselves are valuable and can be sold on the black-market. Data traces from transactions can be harvested from stolen devices. Criminals can also add chips to the machine or malware and put the stolen PED back into the store system. They can even add a chip to a PED while it's still in place, if they can gain access to the back of the machine.

The FlexiPole Solution

FlexiPole mounting solutions all feature our secure latching mechanism which prevents criminals accessing the back of a payment machine. This is because we create a bespoke back plate (a PEDPack) which is designed to fit snugly onto the back of the machine so it is no longer accessible to criminals. This PEDPack clicks into place on a FlexiPole base. For maximum security we recommend our SafeBase solution, featuring the latch mechanism, augmented with a lock and key. This combination makes it very difficult for a criminal to steal or interfere with the PED but ensures that a staff member can quickly and easily unlock the PED from the stand to hand to a customer if needed, for example to a disabled customer.

The combination of PEDPack and SafeBase with any mount from our range will, we believe, ensure that you are fully compliant with PCI DSS requirements and ensure that your PED's are safe, secure and your investment is protected.

Visit PCI DSS for more information on their requirements:

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